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Wintern16 – WeCP Winter 2016 Internship Programme

Today we are wrapping up the talent acquisition process for our first ever internship programme named Wintern16. Thanking John for leading the Talent Acquisition team. Great efforts by other team members to give this wonderful initiative – a successful start.   Thanks to TA team for maintaining Wintern16 Portal and keeping the candidates informed right at the right times.

Internships are one of the best ways of assessing talent fit at organizations, and also the best option for candidates looking to improve their skills and get valuable experiences to bolster their career. These factors are exponentially more pertinent when the organization is a start-up.

In this light, we at WeCP announced Wintern’16 this October, the first of it’s kind at WeCP.

We would begin this by describing the ideas behind it and the experiences involved, and finally finish off with the list of candidates who have cleared the process and are eligible to be a part of Wintern’16.

What is Wintern’16?

It is a 38 day intensive internship at WeCP, timed to coincide with the winter breaks of college students, focussed on offering a select few the opportunity to level up their skills as a programmer, researcher, and more while also allowing them to experience the work culture and atmosphere of working at a fast-growing start-up.

Who is it for?

The applications for Wintern’16 were open to all, but as a short term internship it was designed as an experience catering to university students on winter break who are skilled in programming and computer science, as well as having a passion for learning current and upcoming technologies as well.

Why Wintern’16?

WeCP is a very fast growing start-up that has build quite a reputation in the market that it is in. But we at WeCP are ambitious and we have several up-and coming projects in store. We at WeCP believe that to move forward technologically we require the absolute best talent that is on offer.

The candidates who make it through would work both on our technology products and projects, many of which are not just focussed on development but also cutting edge research into algorithms and machine learning. The other side of Wintern’16 is the freedom of candidates to choose to work as subject matter experts on the domains of their choosing. Candidates will gain better perspectives on their favorite fields as well as immense new knowledge in new domains that they were barely familiar with before.

All in all, it is sure to be a coveted experience open only to a chosen few.

The “Process”

This is how we at WeCP tried to ascertain who would be the best fit here from a host of worthy applications that we had received.

The candidates who had applied had their resumes thoroughly scrutinized by various experts of our teams here at WeCP. Promising candidates were given the chance to prove themselves capable by crossing the hurdle known as the WeCP SCREEN.

SCREEN is an online test that tests the candidates in a variety of aspects, from their english comprehension and mathematical aptitude to their design oriented thinking and algorithmic prowess.

The ones who passed were further asked to have a direct one on one with a current WeCP team member who filtered the candidates who showed most promise.

Finally, the decisions were made after a few rounds of discussion among the interviewers.

The “Chosen ones”

As the final section in this blog we are very proud and excited to announce the results of the “Process”. Here are the names of the candidates who have made the final cut.

  1. Abhinaya Balaji, National Institute of Technology – Tiruchirappalli
  2. Arnab Ghosh, Indian Institute of Technology – Kanpur
  3. Arvind Krishna, National Institute of Technology – Tiruchirappalli
  4. Buddha Prakash, Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur
  5. Harish Ritish, National Institute of Technology – Tiruchirappalli
  6. Mayank Sikka, Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur
  7. Nidhi Chandra, Birla Institute of Technology – Mesra
  8. Sai Teja, Indian Institute of Technology – Guwahati

Hearty congratulations and a very warm welcome to WeCP.

We look forward to meeting our winterns soon!

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