Coding for Everyone!!

Coding is not an antiquity of the past. However, it is definitely a golden skill of the future; and most definitely, it is the most sought out skill in the present. Like it or not, everyone needs to embrace it sooner than later. If it were not for coders, we would not have had a plethora of software, apps, websites and much more. However, these are just a few discernible results of the power that coding brings along; much more is hidden from our sights.

Coding and Employability

In the current scenario, recruiters hunt for candidates with an aptitude for coding irrespective of the hiring profile. What is it about coding that satisfies their employability criterions? How does writing a few blocks of code qualify a person as being employable?

  • For starters, an aptitude for coding is a symbol of the candidate’s zeal for problem-solving. Isn’t this what recruiters are looking for? Someone who can adapt to their environment and solve existing problems.
  • A coder is presented with innumerable variables and options in the course of designing a program and has to take an optimal decision at every juncture keeping many parameters in mind. This not only enhances their decision-making skills, but also the art of finding a balance between time and complexity.
  • Coders need to have the knack of disintegrating the complex problems into smaller fragments and then efficiently framing the algorithm as per the requirement
  • The mindset of coders should be such that even a very minute detail should not escape the eyes of the coder as a single mistake can have big consequences. This attentive attribute of the coders ensures errorless codes.

However, is this all that coding inculcates in a person? => NO!

Apart from these  add-ons to an applicant’s resume, coding also helps them develop many life skills:

  • Increased utilization of “Grey Matter”: Creativity and Coherence: Coding unleashes the creative aspect and that is quite evident by the different styles, which they equip to fulfill different intents and purposes.
  • Realistic amour-propre: The very context of this French word is to symbolize a sense of one’s own worth. A real eye-opener. Knowledge of your capabilities and your strengths and weaknesses
  • Well-Organized Approach: Allows coders to run the code effortlessly. Coders are in habit of maintaining small modules, which incorporates pieces of functionality that are likely to be modified or replaced at once. Writing a pseudo-code prior to the execution is consistently practiced.
  • Enhanced efficiency in tackling the problems: Any problem can be solved by many methods but to choose the optimal method by analyzing all possible options is something where coder’s prowess is really tested and, hence, this enhances the competence of coders in tackling the problems.
  • Stress-management capabilities: Patience is a real game-changer in the case of coders, as day-to-day they go through myriad lines in the process of coding and this can be aggravating which is counteracted by the augmented stress-management proficiency of coders.
  • Increased fortitude: Daily strenuous coding practices tests the mental endurance of the coders and they prosper in this, as they are flexible and embrace change. Coders are well aware of the fact that when you fixate on the problems that you are facing, you create and prolong negative emotions and stress, which hinders performance. It’s not the test of IQ, rather it’s the test of EQ ( Emotional Quotient ).

Most importantly, you get an up-close idea of how the technology is shaping your world and the world around you.

When you scan a probable candidate for employment (through a proper well-thought out assessment), you do not want someone who gets panic attacks when difficult situations are thrown at him unexpectedly. You don’t want somebody who finds it difficult to prioritize the several tasks in front of him. An employee who does not stick to his deadlines or one who can’t really think out of the box won’t prove to be a valuable asset to the company.

It is evident that these can turn out to be major problems; these problems easily highlight the importance of coding assessments. If impetus is given to coding assessments, then the recruitment would be much more fruitful for the firm. This is where you need WeCP!!

We, at WeCP, raise the bar for assessment creation and set the standard for innovation in problem making around the world. To this end, we elevate the quality of problems used to assess and evaluate candidates.

Let’s try to fathom the above-mentioned perspective directly with the aid of some sample problems, showcasing how WeCP does it:

Sample Assessment

Problem 1. There is a “black box”, a hypothetical entity that contains an object that cannot be seen but can be touched by anyone by putting their hand in this black box. This object has two states “hot” and “cold”, and it switches between these states when someone touches it. A transition from hot to cold or cold to hot is sudden with 0.5 seconds of delay, and cannot be reversed mid way.There are three friends who want to use this “black box” in a certain way. They each want to do a certain activity, but they have decided that only one of them can do this activity at a time. They want to use the states of this black box in order to help them do this.

Assuming that any of the friends cannot be directly barred from touching the black box, are all the necessary parameters in place in order for the idea that they have to work? If not, what should be changed in the scenario?


The basic motivation, behind the problem, is to assess the candidate on knowledge of concurrent programming concepts and to assess the candidate on their ability to relate real world problems to computer science concepts.

The candidate would have to first relate the scenario as follows:

The three friends represent three different processes that require mutually exclusive access to a common resource. The black box represents the mutex. Thus the candidate would have to understand that this scenario represents a mutual exclusion problem.

The candidate would then have to understand the restrictions placed on mutexes i.e the operation of accessing and changing the value of the mutex variable must be atomic.


Problem 2. When designing a car racing game, a person decided to represent the car in a simplified form (i.e. as a red rectangle with 4 black circles for the wheels). Surely, the actual car shape and the process of driving a car are far more complex. Which of the following concept is applied by the designer while designing the game?


The basic motivation, behind the problem, is to assess the candidate on knowledge of abstraction concept.

The candidate will have to relate this real world problem to computer science concepts. They will have to envision the car as being an object in an object oriented programming paradigm. The fact that the design of the car is represented in a simplified manner could have been done for whatever reason, but the simplification process, and representing only certain information is highly reminiscent of the abstraction concept of object oriented programming.


On a concluding note, we understand the increased need for coding and generalizing it for everyone; Be it a novice or a coding Maestro. With the increasing demand of coding, WeCP understands the need to raise the bar of assessments to ensure the quality of recruitments.

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