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John : Hey Srinidhi, How are you doing? First off, tell everyone a little about yourself.

Srinidhi : Hey John, I’m good. Hey everyone! I am Srinidhi Bhat and I’m a 4th-year undergraduate student pursuing my dual degree in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur.

John : You had interned with us in summer 2017 as a part of our ‘Summer Internship’ program.Tell us something about your expectations coming to WeCP for an internship?

Srinidhi : I did not really know what to expect, but I was damn excited. I had heard good things about the company and had expected to be working on some exciting project. My expectations, however, were blown away.

John :  So can you tell us about your experience while working here at WeCP?

Srinidhi : It was the best summer that I have ever had! I was thrilled by the immense learning opportunity which I got through the knowledge sharing framework of WeCP, coming straight from the experts. I loved my work, the people whom I had worked with were incredible, and  I liked the office and the location. It couldn’t have been better.

John :  WeCP gives you complete ownership of the tasks that are assigned to you. Which task that you owned at WeCP was your favourite?

Srinidhi : The task of report analysis was my favorite. I had the opportunity to work on several tools in which I have had no practical experience before. In addition to that, I had the freedom to  implement my own logic, check its consistency and then implement it in the code during the course of this task. I found it to be very challenging and exciting, and I learned immensely from it.

John :  In the hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently during your stay at WeCP with respect to the work that you did?

Srinidhi : Well, in some of the tasks I took a lot of time to understand the tools and the framework that was being used since I tried to understand them very deeply. As I was told by my mentor, understanding at an abstract level while working with those tools would have expedited my work. Nevertheless, it was a great learning experience for me.

John :  Where and what are you currently working on?

Srinidhi : I am presently in the 4th year of my 5 year engineering Degree. I have taken Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing courses because I was fascinated by their application in some of the projects WeCP was working on.

John :  What are your plans for the future?

Srinidhi : I am a dual degree student, and as such my current plans include trying out different fields in computer science to determine in which of them I hold the most interest. This is what I plan to do the next two years, and I  have no long term plans for now.

John :  What were your takeaways from this internship?

Srinidhi : I was really motivated by the people working at WeCP.  I feel really privileged to have had great mentors guiding me throughout my internship. The work and the environment have a magical touch in them, but most importantly, I got to make great friends at WeCP.

John :  Can you recall your most memorable moment here at WeCP?

Srinidhi : There were many. But the most memorable moment was when I was asked to create a few problems for one of the assessment projects that WeCP is known for. It was incredible. I had to put on my thinking hat and generate my own assessment problems. It was an experience I had never had before!

John :  Any message that you will like to give to our readers?

Srinidhi : If there’s anything I had learnt from WeCP apart from the learning experienced which I had described before, it would be that if you follow your passion and put in the effort, your success is inevitable.  This is something I would like to share with everyone who reads this.

John : Thank you so much Srinidhi. WeCP wishes you all the success in your future endeavors.

Srinidhi : Thanks a lot John!

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