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The age-old adage “looks aren’t everything” is obsolete. Gone are the days when the content was king. In fact, these days the perception and reception of any project (ranging from a social media campaign to a book or magazine) is driven by its presentation. It is primarily for this reason that the knowledge of Design Tools is of paramount importance today. The better this knowledge, the easier it is to apply design aesthetics to present the content in a lucid and attractive manner. If the presentation of the content is the vehicle that drives the content to the masses, these design tools are the wheels of the vehicle.



Design tools are computer software. They can be used for the design of many means of communication of content. You can design Posters, Logos, Web Page Components, Infographics, Videos, Animations and much more using these design tools.

–Design tools like Photoshop CC and Photoshop Lightroom can be used by photographers, graphic designers, and brand influencers to generate customised graphical images that portray their unique perspectives

–Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro is an appropriate choice for the Videographers for their video editing purposes.

–If you are developing content for a Magazine or Tabloid you might find Adobe Indesign a better candidate to meet your design needs.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and the list is unending. The plethora of design tools being developed provide a host of choices to the creative minds to design to their heart’s content. However, this list of choices is also a reason why selecting the right tools requires some research and knowledge on the latest trends and feature updates provided.



Well yes and no. These are Softwares, but not just any Software. A design tool can be considered similar to a language. Just like a language is an expression of your feelings, in a similar manner these design tools are expressions of your ideas. Also, just like a language should suit the target audience and needs,  in a similar way the design tool should be in sync with the requirements. This reinstates the importance of knowledge of this tool.

Assume there is an organization that wants to design an Introductory Video for their office space using a time lapse. They ask a Premiere Pro professional to do this task. In order to do so, he needs to first shoot the video and then spend countless hours editing each frame in order to achieve his objective.Alternatively had they discussed this task with their social media marketer he would have probably recommended a design tool like Hyperlapse which allows you to shoot and convert any video to a time-lapse video. This would have saved the man-hours required to do so manually using premiere pro and improving the efficiency. This is an example of but one scenario where knowledge of design tools can prove to be really useful in a business context.

There are often situations in everyday life where a consumer needs to make an informed decision before purchasing a product. Studies have shown that the packaging design of the product has a major role in the purchasing decision taken by the consumer.

Let’s take another scenario where a kid goes to the mall to buy a packet of potato chips. As expected,  the kid doesn’t really care about the calories or proteins in the chips. All he wants is the shiny packet with a cool designer toy. These are just general examples of how the design of a chips packet can affect the entire business.

In today’s world, most modern businesses have realized the importance of the mantra “Image is Everything, Everything is image”, the companies are investing heavily on Social Media Marketing, Branding, Advertising. This calls for experts who can communicate your brand and value to the masses riding on these design tools.



WeCP recognizes the fact that businesses need assessments to judge skilled candidates for hiring in the design related Job roles.However, this is not an easy feat since the Challenges faced in creating assessments of this nature are nearly Insurmountable. Some of the challenges faced while making assessments of this nature include the ability to gauge the creative aspect of a candidate accurately. There is always the challenge of obtaining relevant factual information that can be used to assess a candidate. Apart from these challenges the unique nature of design tools allows a single problem to be resolved in multiple ways, this puts the weight of comparing the approaches that can be taken and judge the optimal approach.These challenges are primarily due to the lack of effective benchmarking measures for the specified criteria.

We at WeCP have developed our own benchmarking standards for each assessment in order to assess the candidates properly with respect to them. We include a skilled team of creators experienced in this role whose keen eyes, collective knowledge sharing and experiences help identify the candidates who stand out.

Our assessments test the application based knowledge rather than its theoretical counterpart, structural as well as practical abilities of the candidate and their ability to judge the right design tools for the required purposes are also tested with the help of scenario-based problems designed for this purpose.

We believe there is no one size fits all solution to this and so we tailor our assessments to suit the client’s needs.

A Sample problem can be seen below:

You are trying to use the Snapping and Smart Guide feature in both Illustrator and InDesign. You find that the feature is working perfectly fine in InDesign but is not working properly in Illustrator. On inspecting you find that Snapping Tolerance option is set as 4 pixels in Illustrator and is not the same as the corresponding option in InDesign. Which of the following option should be set to 4 pixels in InDesign to achieve the same ?



On a concluding note, I would like to end by quoting Dorothy Parker “Creativity is a wild mind and a Disciplined Eye”. This simple saying Illustrates the soul of a creator in just a few words.

We at WeCP just help Identify the people that give you the best of both and help give that extra edge to your design hirings with the help of our assessments.A good designer will capture the vision for your product and present it in an aesthetic and elegant manner to your audience thus building the essential understanding between you and your customers and contribute to the growth of your business but at the same time, a bad designer may tarnish your image.This is the reason why one should be careful while selecting the candidates. WeCP lends you their expertise in making informed business decisions with the help of their Innovative and detailed assessments so that you get the best person for the job.


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