Spotlight – Buddh Prakash

NameBuddh Prakash

Nick: BP

Alma-Mater:  IIT Kharagpur

Hobbies: Football, Indie Music

Areas of Interest: Algorithms, Scripting

Internship Period: 2 Months




John: Hey Buddh, How are you doing? First off, tell everyone a little about yourself.

Buddh: Hey John, I’m good. Hi everyone! I am Buddh, a graduate of IIT Kharagpur where I did a five-year dual degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I am currently based in London working at Palantir Technologies. I spend most of my time trying to build software systems and some amount of time discovering new indie music.

John: You had interned with us during winters of 2017 as a part of our ‘Wintern’ program.Tell us something about your expectations coming to WeCP for an internship?

Buddh: I had applied to WeCP on a friend’s recommendation. We had a long discussion on the problems they were trying to solve and I was simply amazed by the work they were doing and the amount of success they have had already. So coming into WeCP my expectations were really high from WeCP in terms of the technical prowess and the clarity in the vision of the startup. I believe that these are the differentiating factors between companies and what drives the growth of a startup. After our discussion, I was also aware of the tremendous possibilities of growth and the huge scope of work at the company. So I had expected to get the opportunity to work on a large set of challenging problems.

John:  So can you tell us about your experience while working here at WeCP?

Buddh: I had a great experience working at WeCP. I was amazed by the number and variety of problems the company is trying to solve with the long-term goal of revolutionizing the education system in India. I had a fair idea of what to expect coming into the company and it sure lived up to my expectations. I had the opportunity to work on a project where I attempted to automate some common workflows of an employee in the company. I really enjoyed brainstorming and building the pipelines for the system. The people were really talented and hardworking. I had a great time working with all of them.

John:  WeCP gives you complete ownership of the tasks that are assigned to you. Which task that you owned at WeCP was your favorite?

Buddh: As I think I mentioned earlier I primarily worked on a project where I attempted to automate some common workflows of an employee in the company. This enabled a lot of work currently being done manually to be automated and performed on the cloud. For this project, I employed some open source tools and wrote some custom libraries. The fun part was building a stack using a bunch of different tools and libraries and managing to automate employee workflows.

John:  In the hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently during your stay at WeCP with respect to the work that you did?

Buddh: There is probably nothing that I would have done differently. Initially, I had a small gripe that the project I was assigned seemed rather trivial, but my opinion of it changed as my work progressed and delved into the intricacies of the project.

John:  Where and what are you currently working on?

Buddh: I am currently working at Palantir in its London office. Here I am part of the development team responsible for building and maintaining the software stack that supports various development workflows Palantir develops for its business clients. Most of my time is spent on writing Java code and debugging stack failures.

John:  What are your plans for the future?

Buddh: I constantly think and brainstorm about problems that can be solved by machines today. I wish to work on something that is my very own brainchild and apart from that I am always looking for opportunities to get involved with people who are trying to solve difficult problem statements.

John:  What were your takeaways from this internship?

Buddh: I learned a lot from the internship and had two key takeaways: First one was that being a part of a small focused team is the most exciting part of working in a startup. One would be amazed by the amount of work that can get done every single day. The second came from observing how the founders dealt with various issues in a growing organization such as scaling up the operations, hiring and managing people in the company. I learned a lot of tricks which are critical when you are trying to run a successful startup.

John:  Can you recall your most memorable moment here at WeCP?

Buddh: In my short time at WeCP I had a lot of fun and memorable times. From staying up all night to fix a bug to staying up all night partying I must say I had a wonderful time at the company.

John:  Any message that you will like to give to our readers?

Buddh: The company is trying to solve some of the biggest problems in the space of education and assessments in India, but the enormity of the goal doesn’t scare these guys from dreaming and striving to keep moving forward solving one problem at a time. WeCP’s growth has been exponential and with the able leadership and the technical skills of the team, I am sure that the company will continue to make progress and maintain its growth. If you are looking to get some experience building cool things while solving some of the most important problems in the space of education I would highly encourage you to get in touch with the guys at WeCP.

John: Thank you so much Buddh. WeCP wishes you all the success in your future endeavors.

Buddh: Thanks a lot, John!

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