Spotlight -Vishnu Praneeth

Name: Vishnu Praneeth

Nickname: VeePee

Alma-Mater:  IIT Kharagpur

Hobbies: Football

Areas of Interest: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

Internship Period: 2 Months




John: Hey VeePee, How are you doing? First off, tell everyone a little about yourself.

VeePee: Hey John, I’m good. Hi everyone! I am Vishnu Praneeth or VeePee as my mates call me. I am a 5th Year Undergraduate Student of IIT Kharagpur pursuing Dual-degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I spend most of my time exploring new open source software and playing sports

John: What were your expectations coming to WeCP for an internship?

VeePee: I had applied to WeCP on a friend’s recommendation.Right after my 3rd year during my vacations, I was busy in experimenting with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Once I knew that I got selected as an intern for WeCP, I was informed by my mentor that I would be working in the fields of cognitive science which I was very fond of. I was immensely excited about doing such work.

John: How was your experience here at WeCP?

VeePee : It was quite an enjoyable experience working as an intern at WeCP.I was extremely enthusiastic to work in areas of Natural Language Processing. I developed some exciting tools and laid hands on new methods of implementing cognitive science projects. I also got well versed in using specific frameworks for developing a Business Intelligence Platform which helped me improve my skills in fields of which I was completely unaware. People here were very supportive and provided an excellent atmosphere for the learning experience.

John:   Which task that you owned at WeCP was your favorite?

VeePee: I thoroughly enjoyed all my cognitive science projects given to me. The plan for implementing an Automated Essay Grading System was quite brainstorming and let me explore broad areas. Another one was to enhance the Automated Question Generating System – URIC Engine, which tested my debugging skills and optimization skills.

John:  In hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently during your stay at WeCP concerning the work that you did?

VeePee: I felt I was a little slow while working with frameworks which I’m entirely new at, which I could’ve improved and done better. But, this enabled me to understand the pipelining of colossal software. However, the remaining work in the fields of NLP went very smooth and easy.

John:  Where and what are you currently working on?

VeePee: I am trying to expand my horizons by developing knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Image Processing. I had taken up the project in Graph-based Segmentation of geometric objects.

John:  What are your plans for the future?

VeePee: I would like to figure out my interests in the areas mentioned above and would definitely, like to take up more projects in fields which interest me the most.

John:  What were your takeaways from this internship?

VeePee: I thoroughly explored my knowledge of Natural Language Processing by building numerous tools throughout my internship period. There were also times when we were given the work of Question Making which boosted up our skills to make proper questions related to various techniques. This enabled us to learn about multiple programming languages and frameworks in a minimal amount of time. Question Making also helped us to revise our concepts on technologies which we already knew and eventually, it ensured us to make better questions.

John:  Can you recall your most memorable moment here at WeCP?

VeePee: Every weekend here was memorable. The mentors were very friendly and enabled us a very peaceful work atmosphere. We as interns sometimes had rational discussions with our mentors on various topics and also had some brainstorming sessions regarding some concepts in technology when we were stuck with any problem.

John:  Any message that you will like to give to our readers?

VeePee: Seeing my mentors, I definitely could see how hard they work to automate some of the very innovative technologies in the field of assessment industry. WeCP is undoubtedly a brilliant workspace for getting an incredible exposure in numerous areas of Computer Science. The passion and hard working abilities of my mentors which motivated me built up positivity within me. If you are very much interested in building software with tools of Cognitive Science, WeCP is the perfect place to work

John: Thank you so much Vishnu. WeCP wishes you all the success in your future endeavors.

VeePee: Thanks a lot, John!

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