Spotlight- Prince Piyush


Name:  Prince Piyush

Alma-Mater:  Delhi Technological University

Hobbies: Playing Online games, Reading

Areas of Interest: GoLang, AWS

Internship Period: 1 Month



John : Hey Prince, How are you doing? First off, tell everyone a little about yourself.

Prince: Hey! I am Prince Piyush, a third-year B.tech (Computer Science) student at Delhi Technological University. I describe myself as a Learner. Nowadays, I am learning the new programming language GoLang. I love to play online games and read about new technologies in my free time.

John: Tell us something about your expectations coming to WeCP for an internship?

Prince: As it was my first internship, I was pretty excited when I received the offer letter. As I didn’t know anything about the corporate world, I wanted to get an experience about how things work in a company. I also wanted to learn new technologies and skills.

John:  So can you tell us about your experience while working here at WeCP?

Prince: My experience at WeCP was wonderful. It satisfied all of my expectations. It helped me explore more of my abilities and grow as a Developer. I acquired many technical skills like AWS services, Angular, Node, various APIs, SonarQube and many other soft skills like managing time, working with a team, professionalism, etc. Everyone at WeCP was very friendly, I never felt that I was away from home. This was the best month I have ever had.

John:  WeCP gives you complete ownership of the tasks that are assigned to you. Which task that you owned at WeCP was your favorite?

Prince: I loved all the tasks I owned at WeCP. But my favourite was adding SonarQube as a parameter for judging applications on Developly. In this, I learned about writing good code and how to check for vulnerabilities which are not visible normally and small things which add quality to the code. I use it in daily life also to evaluate my codes.

John:  In the hindsight, is there anything you would have done differently during your stay at WeCP with respect to the work that you did?

Prince: It was a one-month internship. So, I was stuck on the same task that I was assigned in the beginning i.e. Federated Login for Developly. It got complex because I was focusing on login in the frontend. It would be really simple If I should have focused on AWS Cognito and AWS Lambda at the beginning itself. When I learned these services it was not that hard.

John:  What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the near future?

Prince: Currently, my main focus is on academics. And in my free time, I do competitive programming and I am also learning new programming languages such as GoLang, as I’ve mentioned before

John:  What are your plans for the future?

Prince: I want to associate with a vibrant organization, where I can efficiently use my abilities towards the betterment of society and grow as an excellent Software Developer. That’s why I am focusing on academics and competitive programming more than anything else.

John:  What were your takeaways from this internship?

 Prince: I learned a lot in this one month. It changed the way I think about work. I had two key takeaways from this internship. First, I explored my learning capabilities and got to know that I can grasp knowledge at a great pace. Second, I got to learn about AWS. I had never worked on AWS, and it was really good to work on these services. Apart from this, I collected many sweet memories with the WeCP team.

John:  Can you recall your most memorable moment here at WeCP?

Prince:  It is hard to point out one moment, as every moment I spent at WeCP is memorable. But I can never forget the Chai Time in the evening when everyone gathers for tea at the nearby tea & snacks shop and have some fun over a tea. It was the most refreshing part of my day at WeCP.

John:  Any message that you will like to give to our readers?

Prince: WeCP is an amazing place to work. With great mentors, here, you can gain many technical skills as well as soft skills. With a great environment, you will always feel at home and never get uncomfortable. With great people, you will never be tired. All in all, I don’t think anyone can have a better environment than WeCP for work.

John: Thank you so much Prince. WeCP wishes you all the success in your future endeavors.

Prince: Thanks a lot, John!

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